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Steve/Tony Fic Rec List

(for Nikki)

Title: Thor Ships It
Author: anthonysstark
Summary: Written for this prompt on LJ: Steve/Tony; Thor Ships It [Avengers movieverse] - Thor believes Steve and Tony are meant to be together, and comes up with all sorts of ridiculous plans to make it happen. Some of them involve Darcy and her taser.

Title: All It Is
Author: ashinan
Steve can’t sleep. Granted, neither can Tony.
Notes: Make sure you read the other 9 parts too. But I’m only linking this one xD

Title: How Tony Stark Ruins Everything
Author: aslipperysloth
The story of how Tony Stark manages to ruin sex, dating, and friendship - in that order.

Title: I Always Have To Steal My Kisses From You
Author: blue_jack
Okay, so Tony probably hadn’t realized what he was doing. He’d just had a near-death experience, and the kiss had been a way to … reaffirm his life. Deal with his emotions. Release some steam. Something like that. Nothing to be concerned about, and it’s doubtful that it’ll happen again.

The fact that they risk their lives on a regular basis isn’t worrying at all.

Title: When I Think (Oh It Terrifies Me)
Look, some mornings you wake up and little green men are invading New York City; some mornings you wake up and you can hear Captain America’s voice in your head. Tony has been an Avenger long enough that he saves his freakout for important things.
Notes: One of my absolute favorites

Title: Alone with you inside my mind
Tony is away on a business trip, Steve is bored and JARVIS is a tad devious.

Title: Indecent Proposal
Author: gyzym
Summary:  On the plus side, marriage is bound to be easier than proposing.

Title: Ready, Fire, Aim
Author: gyzym
There’s no “I” in “Avenger.”
Notes: Again, make sure to read the sequels! 

Title: The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark
Author: jibrailis
After contracting an Asgardian virus, Tony starts forgetting things. And people. And Steve.
Notes: I love this one. I really do. 

Title: Mr. July
Author: jibrailis
Tony is the only one who can defend Steve’s virtue. Tony hates his life.

Title: the reason you ruminate the shadowy past
Author: Mizzy
So, Captain America effectively manages to cockblock Tony for a year.

It’s not Steve’s fault. Well, actually, it is. But he was just proving a point - that if a superhero is gay, how can it be wrong? Steve just picked the wrong superhero to make the point with. Now America will think they’re dating - and Tony’s not going to be the guy to break Captain America’s heart.

There’s only one way out. To save face, Steve and Tony have to become fake boyfriends. Steve thinks the “boyfriends” bit will be the hardest to act… but maybe it’s the “fake” part that will be the hardest act of all…

Title: Two Out of Three (Ain’t Bad)
Author: plingo_kat
It blindsides him one morning in the middle of his customary third cup of coffee; Steve walks through the door in loose cotton pants, shirt pulled up to wipe the sweat off his face from his usual morning workout, and Tony thinks: adorable.

Title: (First Impressions Are) A Work in Progress
Author: porthos
Tony has a point system for the times he can get Steve to be less than perfect.

Title: Accommodations
Author: Resonant
Five reasons the Avengers don’t want to live together, and five reasons maybe they do after all.

Title: i cannot leave here, i cannot stay
Author: sleeponrooftops
And so he spent two months trying to stop denying it, and now Steve is right of him, and he definitely just kissed him, and Tony doesn’t know how to move forward. Steve’s had all of seven months to get his feet in the future, and Tony has had all his life, and the old man is still beating him to every punch. The second kiss ends while he’s still thinking and still not really responding, and then his brain shuts off, and then he runs away. Because he’s Tony Stark, and that’s all he really amounts to.

Title: 5 Times Steve attempted to make Tony Blush, and the one time he succeeded
Author: sororexitium
He wanted to know, suddenly. Like had a deep burning need to see what Tony would look like flushed with bashfulness, or embarrassment, or even joy…no, joy would be the best.

Title: How To Royally Fuck Up The Avengers Tower
Author: theeappleppielifestyle
 "Hey, Cap, it’s Tony. Stark. Iron Man. Uh, yeah- I was looking over the designs for your part in the Avengers Tower, and I am pretty sure Fury will castrate me if I put in some stripper poles, so I was wondering if you could swing by and see if everything is, uh. Dandy. Did people say ‘dandy’ in the 40s? I have no idea. Ah, anyway, drop by anytime. Yep. Bye."

Title: Dazed and Confused
Author: tsukinofaerii
Summary:   Captain America has a great many duties that need careful attention. He has to… uh… That thing where… Wow, Tony’s pants are awfully tight, aren’t they?

Title: Honey, I Can See The Stars
Author: twentysomething
 "The most he’d ever cared about anything remotely related was his uniform, which, beyond the stylistic, was pretty necessary. But now his suit comes from a lab far more advanced than the basement of a Brooklyn antique shop, and the only decision he really gets to make is if his pants are too tight. (They were, but he doesn’t really think they changed them. He doesn’t know why, but he thinks that might have been on purpose.) That being said, he doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve the double take Tony gives him as he walks in the room."

Title: Tomorrow Belongs To Me
Author: valtyr
 Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn’t think much of it, and it’s dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole momument at Arlington he’s rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.
Notes: Currently reading this one  so I can’t necessarily say it’s good but I’ve seen recommendations from other people so I figure it’s go to be good.

Title: Wanderer
Author: 51stCenturyFox
Written for a sleepwalking prompt on Avengerkink.

Tony jerks away like he’s awakened to find himself taunting an alligator with a raw chicken, and almost falls on the floor.

"You sleepwalked," Steve says, stating the obvious,"into my bed."

Title: Take Care, I’m Easily Broken
Author: blue_jack
Tony isn’t the type of person to pine quietly.

Title: Go Hard
Author: cathalin
No one has figured out that it’s him, but Tony Stark is kind of a sensation on Texts From Last Night.Jarvis has helpfully categorized Tony’s TFLN texts by time period and subject matter.

Steve has some opinions about all of this.

Title: Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City
Author: hetrez
Steve and Tony accidentally start a national do-gooders association and fall in love.

Title: i stole the keys to this guy
Author: kellifer_fic
Where it was Nick Fury’s idea, but he didn’t mean it like that

Title: In Sunlight and Shadow
Author: ShadowsLament
The morning (and afternoon and night) after.

Title: Caffeine, Otherwise Known as the Key to Tony Stark’s Heart
Author: sol-nox
A new coffee shop opens across the street from Stark Tower. Steve is the hot, sweet and predictably clueless owner. Tony tries to do what he does best.
Notes: Not usually a fan of AUs for this pairing but this one was pretty good. 

Title: Not just a river in Egypt (Tony is most certainly not in denial)
Author: theoddoodisnude
"You are most definitely not in love with me, Cap, what you are experiencing is called cabin pressure," Tony explains, because he has a rational train of thought and he’s met enough shrinks to have figured out their tactics by now. "And possibly, you know, sexual frustration, because it doesn’t matter at all that you’re, like, America’s national icon, Fury still won’t let you out. I know that, I see that, I acknowledgeyour pain, I feel with you, Cap, believe me, I do. And I get it, because I am a very good-looking fellow and we spend a lot of time together, stuck in this tower, and it’s easy to—”

"I am," Steve cuts off, equal parts amused and frustrated and concerned. "In love. With you. Tony, I’m in love with you.”


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